How 36% of SNF Leads Booked a Demo

How 36% of SNF Leads Booked a Demo

Project overview

VectorCare, a SaaS-enabled marketplace linking Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF), Medical Facilities (Hospitals), and Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) providers to address medical transportation needs, partnered with Duo Strategy (B2B Advertising Agency) and pblc (Lifecycle Marketing Automation) to enhance their SNF pipeline.

The VectorCare team, in collaboration with Duo Strategy's lead generation initiative, engaged pblc to optimize their automation approach. Leveraging HubSpot CRM, the team executed a comprehensive strategy encompassing paid advertising for top-of-funnel leads and marketing automation to drive demo bookings.

Lifecycle Automation
Hubspot CRM


The pblc team devised a messaging and automation approach that focused on educating and establishing rapport with leads who entered the pipeline via Duo Strategy's lead gen initiative.

Automated email workflows were implemented via Hubspot CRM that delivered demo bookings pre-purchase and platform usage post-purchase. Workflow automations included:

  1. Welcome Sequence: Nurture leads at the top of the funnel. Drive to demo booking.
  2. Persuasion Sequence: Encouraging users to explore the platform and utilize its features.
  3. Re-Engagement Sequence: Rekindling interest for those who had shown initial interest but hadn't taken significant actions.

Project results

The outcomes were remarkable:

  • 36% of SNF leads booked a demo call.
  • 68% email open rate.
  • 31% email click-through rate.
  • 17% cold lead re-capture rate.

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